CCI Reaction to the 2023 Manitoba Election

October 2, 2023

Following the October 3 election results called for the Manitoba New Democratic Party, CCI President Benjamin Bergen made the following statement:

"On behalf of our members in Manitoba, and innovators right across Canada, I’d like to congratulate the NDP on winning a majority government and I’d also like to congratulate premier designate Wab Kinew.

"As the new government gets to work, innovators will be eager to work in close partnership. The NDP has made health care improvement a priority, and innovative digital systems and technologies should be a key part of the agenda. More broadly, economic policies that support homegrown Manitoba technology companies, and allow them to flourish, are the best possible way to create prosperity and tax revenue to pay for the public services we all value.

"We are also pleased to see that the NDP has committed to ensuring more skilled workers remain in the province, as well as attracting new talent, and shoring up training opportunities that are responsive to the province’s key industries.

"During the campaign, we called on all parties to present plans to grow the innovation economy in Manitoba. In the weeks ahead, as premier-designate Kinew selects his cabinet and gets to work, we look forward to meeting with key ministers and discussing the ways that Manitoba’s innovation economy can work in close partnership with the government and create such a plan."

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