CCI's Response to Federal Semiconductors Announcement

March 24, 2023

Today in Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with U.S. President Joe Biden and discussed a series of shared priorities, including advancing a North American semiconductor corridor. A statement issued by Prime Minister Trudeau outlined the following commitment:

“Working together with the U.S., we will advance a cross-border semiconductor manufacturing corridor, beginning with the signing of an arrangement between Canada and IBM to expand domestic research and development and advanced packaging of semiconductors. Semiconductors enable advances in clean energy, communication, computing, and more, and Canada has a vital role to play in the North American semiconductor ecosystem. Canada’s investment of up to $250 million in this sector will also improve North American competitiveness and supply chain resiliency, help cut pollution, foster economic and national security, and create good middle-class jobs.”

In response, CCI President Benjamin Bergen issued the following statement:

“Canada has a unique and valuable opportunity to make significant contributions to the North American semiconductor value and supply chains. However, it is imperative that we do not undermine our potential by reverting to outdated branch-plant practices. It is crucial that we seize this opportunity and pursue a forward-thinking approach to maximize Canada’s success in this critical industry.
Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister and President Biden to establish a semiconductor corridor is a first step towards strengthening the role of North America in global value chains. We’re glad the government is getting involved in re-shoring Canada’s semiconductor economy, but let’s not forget the most crucial element: prioritizing Canadian companies with innovative intellectual property. Our future prosperity depends on it.
If Canada wants to reap the economic benefits of the global semiconductor race, we need a new playbook with frameworks that fuel the growth of domestic companies in strategic niches and prioritizes long-term wealth creation. Our members are ready to work hand in hand with government and other industry partners to develop a national semiconductors action plan that secures for Canada a pivotal, strategic role in the global value chains of design, production, and assembly of semiconductors.”

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