CCI Response to the 2023 Manitoba Speech from the Throne

November 21, 2023

Today in Winnipeg, the Manitoba legislature was called to session for the first time since Premier Wab Kinew and the Manitoba NDP won government in the October general election. In response to the government's first Speech from the Throne, CCI's Prairie Director of Government Affairs, Jess Sinclair, issued the following statement on behalf of our members:

"In Today’s Throne Speech, we heard that, ‘The economic horse pulls the social cart.” This is a message CCI has been giving voice to for years, and we are thrilled to hear Premier Wab Kinew and the new NDP government make it clear that economic growth is a key aspect of future shared prosperity.

"Manitoba is home to innovative high-growth companies that can scale from millions to billions and drive the kind of clean, knowledge-based economic prosperity that Premier Kinew is looking for. They need support from the government to access talent, capital and customers to fuel their growth. As the government assembles the Premier’s Business and Jobs team, we expect to see representation from the innovation economy at the table. Successful innovation hubs are built on close collaboration between government and industry, and if Manitoba wants to be home to a thriving innovation economy, it must work hand in glove with the business leaders and innovators scaling global knowledge-based and data-driven companies. 

"The Manitoba government has also made it clear it has a new vision for healthcare – one that will improve accessibility for Manitobans and efficiency for front-line healthcare workers. Domestic life-sciences companies have the expertise and innovative capacity to help the province achieve these goals.

"In today’s throne speech we were especially pleased to hear an emphasis on building Manitoba’s workforce for the 21st century innovation economy. Our members stand ready to work in collaboration with the government to help policymakers understand the labour market, and ensure that Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions are preparing young people for the careers that will allow them to put down roots and start family at home."

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