CCI Welcomes DealMaker As Our Newest Member

June 26, 2024

The Council of Canadian Innovators is pleased to announce DealMaker as the latest addition to our national network of scale-up companies.

DealMaker is a Toronto, Ontario based cloud-based financial service provider that allows users to raise capital digitally. The DealMaker team streamlines the process by combining capital raising, shareholder management, and onboarding activities into a single platform.

“We wanted to build a one-stop shop for the capital raising process for entrepreneurs trying to get their company or idea started,” said Rebecca Kacaba, Co-Founder and CEO of DealMaker. “By simplifying and standardizing how capital is raised, DealMaker has been able to democratize investment for many of our founders and investors.”

DealMaker has helped companies raise over $2 billion for their partner companies, including the Green Bay Packers and Miso Robotics.

“Companies like DealMaker are making it easier for more Canadians to bring their ideas to life,” said Benjamin Bergen, President of the Council of Canadian Innovators. “Providing access to capital is vital for creating more Canadian success stories, and DealMaker is making this process more accessible for investors and entrepreneurs.”

Since 2015, the Council of Canadian Innovators has been Canada’s business council exclusively devoted to high-growth Canadian-headquartered technology companies, working with government leaders to co-develop strategies to unleash our nation’s innovation potential.


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