CCI Welcomes SMART Technologies to Our National Network of Scale-Ups

May 13, 2024

The Council of Canadian Innovators is thrilled to announce that SMART Technologies has joined our national network of scale-up technology companies.

SMART is a pioneer of touch display technology and the inventor of the SMART Board, used by over 60 million teachers, students, and companies around the world. Their focus as a company, and as a leading innovator in interactive collaboration technology, is helping schools, businesses and governments thrive by making connections that matter. SMART’s interactive displays, digital collaboration and learning tools make it easier for ideas to flow between people, at an energized pace, so the ways they work together are more effective and impactful.

"For over 30 years, SMART’s interactive technology has helped our customers redefine what they can achieve through collaboration," said SMART Technologies CEO Nicholas Svensson. " We believe every student, and every team, has inherent potential to reach higher and achieve goals faster. Technology that effectively brings people together helps unlock that greatness.”

Located in Calgary, Alberta, SMART Technologies is a pioneer in interactive technology solutions that redefine collaboration and learning in classrooms and workplaces around the globe.

“SMART Boards are a Canadian invention that have redefined classrooms and workplaces the world over, and more people should know that it’s a product of Canadian ingenuity,” said Benjamin Bergen, President of CCI. “SMART Technologies’ ongoing commitment to enhancing learning environments and workplace collaboration aligns perfectly with CCI's mission to support Canadian technology innovators on the global stage."

Since 2015, the Council of Canadian Innovators has been dedicated to advocating for Canada’s high-growth technology companies, collaborating with government leaders to co-develop strategies that maximize the nation’s potential for innovation.


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