CCI Welcomes to Our National Team of Innovators

June 24, 2024

The Council of Canadian Innovators is proud to have as a member of our national network of scale-up innovators. is an artificial intelligence company specializing in AI Governance management software and services. They are market leaders in developing policy frameworks and guardrails for organizations using AI platforms.

“Our mission is to help companies have more confidence while using AI in their operations,” said Co-Founder and CEO Niraj Bhargava. “We want people to trust AI, which requires accountability to guardrails, standards and ethical boundaries. This is why we have created software and programs that help actively monitor metrics and rules to protect human interests.”

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, NuEnergy also educates organizations on the importance of AI governance and the opportunities that well-defined responsible AI systems can offer.

“ has been a valuable voice in CCI events and meetings, as CEOs share knowledge and work with policymakers on AI governance issues. Niraj is a thoughtful leader on strategies for safeguarding human information and data and what it means to be responsible for AI use,” said CCI President Benjamin Bergen. “It’s great to have them setting the standard for ethical guidelines in the Canadian AI sector.”

Since 2015, the Council of Canadian Innovators has been Canada’s business council exclusively devoted to high-growth Canadian-headquartered technology companies, working with government leaders to co-develop strategies to unleash our nation’s innovation potential.


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